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Are you experiencing any damp problems at your property? If so, Stockton Insulation is here to help, from rising damp to penetrating we’ve got it covered. Whether it be damp proof course renewal, transparent external wall coatings to protect your brickwork from all weathers and prevent any damp from occuring in the future or you may just want your render repairing and repainting with a waterproofing colour of your choice. We are approved and certificated Stormdry and Dryrod applicators.
Stockton Insulation operate nationwide and offer some of the best, most competitive rates for all of your needs. We also sign all of our work off with a certificate and 10 year guarantee.
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Masonry Protection Cream

Breathable, Colourless Protection

Storm dry is a transparent cream which has been designed to form a water – repellent barrier. Storm dry is breathable which allows for both heat changes and moisture to escape. There are many benefits to Storm dry. These include:

  • BBA approved
  • 25 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Improves flood resistance
  • Thermal insulation – verified by the energy saving trust
  • Transparent
  • Deeply penetrating (approximately 12mm)
  • Quick curing time
  • UV light resistance
  • Long lasting

High Performance Treatment for Rising Damp

The most effective form of rising damp treatment available

Dry rod is a damp-proofing measure designed to be inserted into the mortar bed, this is usually in the original damp-proof course. Dry rod has a diameter of 12mm and is coated in many chemicals which work to dry out the wall and slowly disperse water repellent agents into the damp area. This forms to make a powerful barrier to stop further damp from occurring. This product has been issued a BBA certificate and is patented. Dry rod comes with many advantages:

  • Can be used to cover the width of a stone property or anything as little as a single brick build.
  • Provides many advantages over other types of treatment measures.
  • Quickest and most effective way to cure rising damp.
  • Can be used internally and externally to cure rising damp.
  • Permanent solution to curing rising damp, as the rods bond with the mortar.
  • Proven to work on highly – saturated walls.

100% waterproof and 400% elastomeric

Secoflex is a coloured masonry wall coating paint which comes in 12 different colours. It has been specially designed with a unique formula to be 100% waterproof and 400% elastomeric meaning the paint will not peel, flake or crack even in both hot and cold temperatures. There are many benefits of Secoflex, these include:

  • Sophisticated formula of pigments meaning it provides added protection against discoloration.
  • Laboratory proven high quality
  • Protects your property from damaging salts known as chloride.
  • Its breathable, allowing moisture to escape
  • Comes in 12 different colours
  • Practice proven – in different weather conditions and climates.
  • Elastomeric, meaning the paint will not crack, flake or peel.

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