Coloured Masonry Protection

More benefits than any other masonry paint

SecoFLEX coloured masonry wall coatings have been used extensively by professional tradesman throughout Europe since 1975 for protecting homes, buildings and structures in industrial environments. Today, the unique formula remains a number one choice for many professional tradesman and at Secotherm, we are not at all surprised! SecoFLEX has more benefits than any other masonry coating on the market and guarantees to deliver a professional, smooth finish that property owners can be proud of for many, many years!

100% waterproof and 400% elastomeric

Secoflex is a coloured masonry wall coating paint which comes in 12 different colours. It has been specially designed with a unique formula to be 100% waterproof and 400% elastomeric meaning the paint will not peel, flake or crack even in both hot and cold temperatures. There are many benefits of Secoflex, these include:

  • Sophisticated formula of pigments meaning it provides added protection against discoloration.
  • Laboratory proven high quality
  • Protects your property from damaging salts known as chloride.
  • Its breathable, allowing moisture to escape
  • Comes in 12 different colours
  • Practice proven – in different weather conditions and climates.
  • Elastomeric, meaning the paint will not crack, flake or peel.

Prolong The Lifetime Of A Building By A Significant Extent!

SecoFLEX waterproof wall coating can prolong the lifetime of buildings to a significant extent.

In fact, we are so confident in our product that we provide a 10 year guarantee. External walls which have a SecoFLEX wall coating will be protected from early aging, damage from air borne pollutions and water penetration for many years.

Scientifically Proven by Safeguard Europe

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